Any cancellations resulting in refund must be made in writing directly to discovery tours.

The amount of your refund will be determined by the POSTMARK DATE of your cancellation notice. Refund checks will be issued within four weeks of written notification. Your group leader must also be notified of your cancellation. These cancellation penalties are in effect regardless of the reason for cancellation including disciplinary action taken by the school/organization or cancellation of the entire group by the school/organization for any reason. DT reserves the right to include an administrative fee in any cancellation charges to program participants. DT is not financially responsible for any charges to program participants for cancelled trips due to (but not limited to) weather related events, civil strife or national/international emergencies. In the event that the participant is a minor, the parent or natural guardian assumes responsibility for any and all costs, fees and/ or penalties associated with this sponsored program or trip. All refund checks are mailed four weeks after the request has been processed. There will be a non-refundable $35 stop-payment fee for lost refund checks.