What is the school trip code and how do I receive this?

This code is presented at the parent meeting and is included on the account setup form. You will need this trip code to register your student on our website and make payments. You can contact the school or DT to receive this code if you did not attend the parent meeting.

I missed the parent meeting; how do I receive the materials for my student’s trip?

You must log in to our website and access your account to view the tour documents needed for your trip.  Once logged in, this information is located under My Trips then under Resources.  If you click on Tour Documents you will find the items you need for your student’s trip.  DT does not require the Medical Treatment and Authorization form to be returned to us, however we do provide it for use and distribution at the school’s discretion.  You should contact your student’s school to see if they need you to complete and return this form to them.

How do I make payments to Discovery Tours?

All students must be registered online before a payment can be made. Go to Create an Account on our home page or if you have already done so, click on Log In. A payment can be made with a credit card using our secure website. If you do not wish to use a credit card, you can mail us a check or money order using the payment voucher located under Tour Documents. Please remember that your student must be registered online first before payment can be accepted.

How do I find out what my balance is or when my next payment is due?

You must be registered on our website to access this information. Go to Make an Online Payment and either Log In or Create an Account. Once an account has been created or you have logged in, click on Account Balance under Make an Online Payment and you will be directed to a detailed account of your student’s trip.

What if my student is unable to attend the trip after payments have been made? Will I receive a refund?

Discovery Tours provides a 60 day cancellation policy for all of our student trips. If your student is unable to participate in the trip within 60 days of departure we cannot provide a refund based on our vendors' policies. If you are concerned that this could be an issue, you do have the option to purchase Travel Insurance to protect your investment. This must be purchased prior to your final payment and 60 days before the start of the trip. Click here for a brochure with more information. (TBD)

How do I cancel my student from the trip?

Once a student has been added to your online account cancellations can only be processed through our office. Please contact DT at 216-531-8884.

How firm are the scheduled payment dates?

Discovery Tours’ policy requires that all parents provide the minimum payment due on the designated payment due dates. Our payment dates coincide with our vendors' deposit requests and we need to provide full payment to our vendors to secure each event scheduled on the trip. Therefore, all payments must be provided to DT as scheduled.

My student has a medical condition or food allergy, how will this affect their trip?

Discovery Tours strives to accommodate all students the best we can to ensure they receive the same experience as their fellow travelers. Medical conditions and diagnosed food allergies do occur and parents should first contact their student’s group leader to make them aware. If there is any concern regarding a condition or allergy, the parent or guardian should contact DT to request the contact information where meals/venues will be provided for their student. Parents are required to contact vendors on their student’s behalf regarding any food allergies. We cannot guarantee, however, that all vendors will follow through with requests. Due to the large amount of student travelers, food preferences that are not medically diagnosed cannot be accommodated.

I am having trouble paying for my student’s school trip. Do you have any suggestions?

Many schools offer fundraising options for students to raise money for their school trip. You should check with your school to see if this is a possibility. In addition, many students will raise money on their own to help provide funding for their trip. Check with your school for any other financial aid options. Discovery Tours divides the full price of your trip into two or three installments which are reflected on your online account. You have the option to pay for the trip in full when you register or you will need to follow the payment due dates.

Can parents participate on the tour?

Most schools do not permit parents to attend school sponsored trips. Parents interested in going on the trip are at the discretion of the school. We can accept parents on our tours only if express authorization is given by the school. You must contact your student’s school with this inquiry. Discovery Tours’ program fees are based on student rates and there may be an additional surcharge for adults.

What if my student left something at the hotel or on the bus; who do I contact?

Generally when something is left behind by a student on a trip, it is unrecoverable. Hotel rooms and buses are cleaned and turned over immediately for the next occupants. When items are left in a hotel room or on a bus they are often mistaken for trash and thrown out. If something of value has been left behind, you can contact DT and we will provide you with the hotel or bus company phone number so that you can call and check to see if your lost item can be recovered.

What does Discovery Tours do to ensure the safety of the trip participants?

With more than 40 years of experience, our position on travel and safety has always been the same. Discovery Tours will not operate a program, or any part of one, if it feels the safety of any participant will be compromised. Our trips include dedicated evening security, emergency contact through our office and a full-time Tour Manager who accompanies the group. Discovery Tours has detailed procedures and plans in place for non-planned events that may take place on tour.

Does Discovery Tours carry liability insurance for their tours?

Yes. Discovery Tours, its motor coach carriers and all vendors maintain extensive liability insurance.